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  I worked in graphics and ad illustration for 10 years, but when the job market tanked in 2007, I took whatever job I could find.
These hastily-sketched comics tell the story of the 13 months I spent as a waitress. Some are funny, some are horrifying; all are true to the best of my memory.

All names, faces, and identifying information have been changed to conceal the identities of the people and businesses involved. Occasionally I have combined two or more people into one character to protect privacy and/or mask identity.

#1. Where Do I Start, Where Do I Begin
#2. The Interview
#3. Training the Grasshopper
#4. Staff Infection
#5. Meet the Management
#6. Part Time Lover
#7. A Field Guide to North American Customers
#8. We Can't Keep Meeting Like This
#9. Put My Thang Down, Flip It and Reverse It
#10. Headwall
#11. This One Isn't Funny
#11.5. Coaster Doodle
#12. The World is Diverse and Mystifying
#13. Losing It
#14. Just Can't Get Enough
#15. Trivialities
#16. Same Thing We Do Every Night

#17. Spread Your Little Wings
#18. A Common Disaster
#19. No-Win Situation
#20. Why I Stopped Drawing This Comic
#21. Miracle Romance [new]