#6. Part Time Lover


Notes on this strip:

- I can't really count myself as a veteran, I suppose, since I've never come to work stoned or drunk. I was totally impressed by the ones who could; I never would have known unless they told me.
And of course, the question is not WHY you would come to work stoned (as that will be obvious soon if it isn't already), but HOW.

- The last panel is an exaggeration, but not a big one. XD (My comic kept getting referred to by various acquaintances as 'gay porn' so I just ran with it even though it's not very accurate)

- "PM Bar" = evening shift bartender, usually came in around 4. Another PM bartender (sometimes two) came in at 6. AM Bar worked 10 to 5, usually.

- "Cut" means you're not taking any more tables, not that your shift is over. You close out your remaining tabs, take care of your sidework, then go home.

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