#20: The Last One (For Now, Anyway)


Why I Stopped Drawing A Year In Waiting:

I get asked about this once or twice a week, so I figured I’d just go ahead and make a post.

AYIW was meant to be half catharsis, half comedy, with maybe a little insight on top. Now that it’s reached the part in the “story” where I began working at Le Papillon, that formula falls apart.
I can’t seem to find much funny in that job. It doesn’t make for a very good straightfaced story, either — I’ve tried drawing some strips without jokes, but they came out like a pity party. I call up memories of things that actually happened and still think, "no, there's no way, I'm just making a big deal of nothing." I've attempted several times to mine those memories for more comic strips, but those attempts all end in depressive, self-hating spirals that last for days.

Long story short, the management at Le Papillon engaged in a lot of gaslighting, set-up humiliation, and other types of psychological abuse, and it screwed me up pretty bad. Revisiting my time there doesn't turn up any stories, just the urge to engage in self-harming behavior. For the sake of my mental health, I'm not going to try any more. If any comic ideas come to me and I can handle them, great. If not...

Well, I still have a couple of good stories from my time at Roswell’s, so I might go back and break chronological order for those at some point. For now, though, I’m leaving AYIW to rest.

EDIT 02/2013: Found a strip I drew last year but never posted (since it's a joke not a lot of people will get). It's on the next page.

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