#3. Training The Grasshopper


Notes on this strip:

- I've changed some details about the uniform.

- We also didn't have to wear uniforms to training except for the last couple of days. (Training lasted about two weeks,) Again, I just condensed for time.

- Actually, I found out some months later that there was one other waitress on staff who was 30. I thought she was 23; she thought I was 23.

- Forgot to mention this about cash-out: Basically, you turn in all receipts, all cash owed (from food and drinks sold, not tips), and keep the tips. If all your sales and tips are on debit or credit cards, you receive your tips in cash from the manager at cash-out. If you have bussers, roughly 3% of your tips go to the busser. You also give a portion of your tips to the bartender; usually 3 or 4%. Sometimes more if they busted ass. (This was at a bar. I would later work at a more formal restaurant, where bartender tip-out went down to 1%)

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