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Sites For & By Fans
[J] indicates that the site is Japanese language only.
[E] indicates English only. [X] indicates other language.
These sites may contain material unsuitable for children. Please use discretion.
New links are added to the bottom of the list.
Amalgam AMALGAM is a sprawling, long-lived fan site with LOTS of information and material! Even the most minute details have info & research. It's astounding. Manager: Kyuketsuki [E]
Samurai Champloo Links Samurai Champloo Links: An incredible fan listing! So many cool sites to visit! Manager: Kisaragi [J]
VGMT vgmt is a mixed fan site (Ace of Diamond and Lupin III also) featuring an art blog and illustration log. Very lively and skillful drawings.
Webmaster: Sue [J] NEW LINK
Strawberry Field Strawberry Field is full of cute fan art, including Mugen x Fuu and Jin x Fuu pieces.
Webmaster: Nekomiya N. [J] NEW LINK
Candy In Chocolate Candy In Chocolate is a combination fan site/art blog with art of Samurai Champloo (mainly Mugen & Fuu) as well as Gurren-Lagann!
Webmaster: MZD sp. [J]
Huzen Huzen features clean, colorful fan art with excellent composition - much of it with a Mugen/Fuu bent.
Webmaster: Yamamoto [J]
Samurai Champloo Diary Active fan community with incredibly detailed in-depth analyses of each episode. [Russian]
Subliminal Subliminal has tons of beautiful and cute fan art - much of it of Yukimaru! Webmaster: Hatsuka. [J]
Crazy Joker Crazy Joker is full of delicate, pretty artwork - lots of pictures of Mugen! Webmaster: Kawase Hizuri [J]
Fukunoya Fukunoya Fukuzou's site has a whole lot of SC fan artwork - pictures of individual and paired characters. Lovely stuff. [J]
Creepie Creepie: Website of Harusamekemeko. Lots of funny and serious artwork of the Champloo characters, plus parallel universe fan fiction. [J]
Samurai Champloo Links Saihate: Website of Real Adapter/Aoyagi Souta. Stunningly beautiful psychedelic/art nouveau style artwork. One of my favorite doujinshi artists. [J]
Samurai Champloo Links Kamura: Cute, fun, solid, and dynamic artwork and comics by Akira Terashima [J]
SAIMIN SAIMIN features gorgeous artwork by YUHO. Careful, her illustrations of Jin are specially formulated to melt knees. [J]
Studio Cyen's SC Fan Site Earth, Water & Fire: CYen's cool SC page. Main site has a personal portfolio and Cowboy Bebop & Slam Dunk sections. [E]
Too Many Champloo Incredibly extensive and detailed news & info site. [E]
Champloo France Champloo France: bilingual French/English info and news site. [French] [E]
Black Tambourine Black Tambourine is a JinMuge fan site by SashigiBem, who has excellent graphic sense. [J]
Hotch Potch HOTCH POTCH: a Korean-language fan site with gorgeous art by Glacia. [Korean]
ALIAS Alias: Portfolio site of one of the animators who worked on the Champloo anime. The artwork is so beautiful it made my heart skip a beat. Owner: Sasa. [J]
Jesus Master JESUS MASTER (great name!!) is Mari Sakaki's website, full of lush, colourful artwork from Champloo and Final Fantasy, and some lovely original work too. [J]
Samurai Champloo Links Samchanthology: Livejournal community for the collaborative English language doujinshi project. PROJECT COMPLETE. [E]
DUO BRAND ONLINE features all sorts of gorgeous artwork by Akatsuki. There's even Fullmetal Alchemist and Gankutsuou fan art! [J]
No longer contains SC fanworks
Alphabet has great fan art, comics and text (plus Bleach & other materials too!) by site owners Gurico and Mogura. [J]
No longer contains SC fanworks
Tsubacisou has lots of beautiful artwork by site manager Kitamura. [J]

Site down
SANTAMA features a cute layout and some very nice art of Jin & Mugen. Owner: SanTa [J]

AM7:30 is Marita Yuzu's fan site, with lots of lovely art from Champloo, Basara, & more. [J]


Hip Hop / Related Interest Sites
Ryukyu Underground This duo fuses traditional Okinawan music with modern hip hop, dub, electronica, jungle, and more. MP3s and tour info available. Bilingual site. [E/J] <<NEW
Sampleur, Samplé French language site that houses a mindboggling library of LP samples and the hip hop songs that use them. Seriously, this site is incredible. Be prepared to spend several hours here, going, "oh my gosh! I remember that one!" [O]
Shing02 at shing02's label-based homepage. Features tour info, sample MP3s, lyrics, and much more. (And dude, he's on a Japan tour with M.I.A!!) Bilingual. [E/J]
Cocaine Blunts
& Hip Hop Tapes
Top-notch MP3 blog that tends to focus on acts from the early 1980's to the mid 1990's. The sheer amount of information here is overwhelming. (Noz is quite possibly the only blogger to feature the U.M.C.s... Ah, memories.) [E]
Soul Sides Music blog spotlighting hip hop, rap, soul, jazz, and funk tracks culled from the author's LP & CD collection. One of my daily reads. [E]
Can I Bring My Gat? A production-focused music blog spawned out of [E]
Ready Rock Moe Rex Hip hop, dance, dub, club, baile, and more. Features gorgeous graffiti art, too. [E]
Sphere Of Hip Hop New releases, interviews, reviews, previews, MP3s and more from hot new underground artists. [E]
Make Your Own
Recipe for Goya Champuru, an authentic Okinawan dish. Mmmm, looks tasty.
Official Sites Official Japanese-language site for Samurai Champloo. [J] Official USA site. [E]
Samurai Champloo @ Madman Official Australian site. [E] MANGLOBE company homepage. [J]
Samurai Champloo at
[adult swim]
Cartoon Network's subpage. [E]

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