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MUTINY Mugen, I Promise You
Gift art for LauraB. Text is from The New Pornographers' song "Mutiny, I Promise You."
Lone Star Lone Star
Gift for Kawase Hizuri of Crazy Joker.
Business dress Shirts
Jin and Mugen dressing for work + a nerdy joke. Two separate doodles from my sketchbook.
I hardly know 'er! Two seconds before all hell breaks loose
Commissioned sketch - a request for Yatsuha, Mugen, Yukimaru, Jin, and Fuu in a modern setting. I tried to think of the most volatile situation possible :D
Black and white Colour Mugen paint test : B&W and colour
Trying a new painting technique in Photoshop... I used Mugen's head as my test subject. It doesn't really look like him...
Jin sans shirt Fanservice commission
Commissioned drawing based on Jin's big scene at the end of the series.
Merry Unbirthday! A very merry unbirthday
6 months late/early, an unbirthday gift for fellow fan 3Jane.
This boy's exhausted To Gouda, to Buddha Bushido and Truthiness Jin is plotting. Flowers in his hair, flowers everywhere Iron Giant / fic ref Fuu all spaced out More silly doodles
1930's style Old school (seriously)
1930's animation style. I don't know why I drew this. 02/2007.
Doujinshi cover Doujinshi Front Cover
Front cover art for the web/PDF anthology doujinshi. I listened to a lot of Isaac Hayes and Willie Hutch while working on this. Ink, marker, and gouache on Bristol; typeset in Adobe Illustrator. 02/2007.
Blatant fanservice. Jin with sword
Spot illustration for the doujinshi. Ah, er, this picture is a little... blatant fanservice-ish. 02/2007.

Nyoro~n. Nyoro~n comic
There's no way to explain this - either you understand or you don't.... o_o;

tl;cr Picking on Jin Fuu Mugen doodle Silly things.
Random sketches and stupid stuff. 12/2006~02/2007.
The Department Store of Torture Christmas Comic
A stupid gag based on Episode 1 of the series. Ink on Bristol; tones and lettering in Photoshop. 12/2006.
Nenju Gift art for 3Jane
Gift art for 3Jane as congratulations for finishing her super-long epic fan fiction thingy. Coloured pencil. ink, and Prismacolor marker on 11x14 Bristol board. 11/2006.
The What Theory? The Low End Theory
Cover image for the third fan soundtrack. Parody of Tribe Called Quest's The Low End Theory - painted from scratch in Photoshop 7. 11/2006.
For Ellen Drawn at MechaCon Convention drawings
Commissioned marker drawings from AuroraCon (Anchorage, Alaska, July 2006) and MechaCon (Lafayette, Louisiana, August 2006) Thanks for scanning these for me, guys!
Music To... what? Music to ... kill ninjas by?
Painted this for the "cover" of the second fan soundtrack. If you haven't heard Lovage, you should! 08/2006.
Wear the Old Coat and Buy The New Book Drawn At Jacon A couple of Jin pictures
Two natural media pics done on Bristol while at conventions last month. I don't really like how either of these turned out, but other folks seemed to be OK with them. 06/2006.
Thank You, Zantetsuken Thank You, Kyuketsuki Thank you to Zan & Kyu
Pieces done as a thank-you to the folks behind Amalgam, who are also the co-admins at the Swords & Sunflowers forum. I asked them what they would like me to draw:
Zan asked for "anything with Jin and Mugen," and... this came out of nowhere, with some assistance from K's Choice's song "Breakfast".
Kyu asked for "a Jin & Mugen hug." I couldn't quite imagine those two (intentionally) hugging, so this was the result.
India ink, gouache, and Prismacolor & Copic marker on 9x12 80lb vellum Bristol.
5 NINAs, count 'em Trio In Lines
Al Hirschfeld is one of my art idols, and every so often I try to draw something in his style. It's harder to do with cartoon characters than with real people. I wish I'd squished Mugen's face more.
holy crap, yet more Jin Jin, again
I really like drawing the little bits of hair on the side of his face. And his ponytail. I could just draw that hair all day. (Spike Spiegel syndrome?) This was a gift for ryu_kk009 because she is rad.
SPF 75 The Perils of Ghostly Pale Skin
I'm probably just projecting, here...
Oh, good lord. 2222 Hits!
Thanks to everyone who has visited! Please forgive (yet another) parody...
Oh, good lord. Uh-oh, uh-oh
This was a very ... silly request from TheDwaine, but I laughed the whole time and had a lot of fun drawing it. India ink, Prismacolor markers, white gouache on vellum Bristol.
Current top inks February Top Image Inks
Inks for the top picture. Pigma and Staedtler pens over non-photo blue Col-Erase pencil. Drawn from a quick doodle of the parodied image, so some things are off.
Maybe I should scan one of these without dropping out the blue channel so you can see how messy my drawings really are...
Jin Jin
I was messing around with the #102 Crowquill nib when I drew this. Shading is mostly Prismacolour French Gray markers. February 2006.
Mugen (colour) Mugen
Mugen's sort of a sweaty, dirty guy. I imagine it gets pretty hot if you're constantly walking all over Japan and stuff. Anyway, doodled this in Painter 9 one summer afternoon. July 2005.
Jin & Mugen Jin & Mugen
I like how Jin and Mugen's postures and movements are so different in the animation. Really indicative of their personalities.
Drawn in... July 2005 (I think.)

Deep Cuts The colours red and blue
1600x1200 - 1024x768 - 800x600
I don't usually like to have the characters big and up-front on the desktop, but this one is so nice. Jin's especially pretty here. Scan is from a Newtype promo illustration. (I swear I've got a Fuu wallpaper in progress, honest)
Benvolio's Warning By my steel-lined sandal, I care not.
1600x1200 - Alternate version with script
While watching the recent (1997) film version of Romeo & Juliet, this line just sort of popped out from the rest of the scene.
Public domain stock photos, digital handpainting, and some small DVD screencaptures (many thanks to Too Many Champloo ).
Dumb Submarine Look out below, look out below...
1600x1200 - 1024x768 - 800x600
When I saw episode 14 for the second time, the dream sequence really reminded me of Geggy Tah's song "Dumb Submarine".
Public domain stock photos, digital handpainting, and some small DVD screencaptures (many thanks to laughingman).
Gift Art
Fuu by Laurie Fuu by Laurie
Lovely portrait of Fuu in front of a stylized tree. I love the composition on this. Thanks again!!
Jin, by Laurie Jin by Laurie
Jin on the move. I really like the hatching on his clothes. Thank you, Laurie!
Fuu by E Smith Fuu by E Smith
Super-cute gift art of Fuu in modern dress. The sunflower appliqué on her shirt really fits her! Thank you so much!

Goofy Stuff
Pimp Suit Mugen STUPIDEST THING EVER It's a cunning hat. The 40 Year Old Ronin?
Mugen's Resume oh god i am so sorry Jin And Mugen Go To White Castle