Character Image EPs
Just a mix of songs that I think
match each character's personality.
Strangely enough, none of these are hip hop.
Click the image to see the tracklist.

7 tracks + cover - 32.3

Blazing red, chaos, fire, frenetic motion, anything-goes technique, and a little unexpected mellowness/depth.

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Mugen's Image EP
7 tracks + cover - 34.8

Full of hope, wearing her heart on her sleeve. Soft pastel colours, blue skies, flowers, major chords, winds, strings, and piano. I guess the main themes here are "compassion" and "optimism."

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Fuu's Image EP
7 tracks + cover - 39.1

Dark blue tones, slow tempos, slightly weird time signatures, lots of minors / minor sevenths, some grit and noise.

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Jin's Image EP

Wayward Wanderers
by June
(fan fiction)
Chapter 1 - Chapter 2 - Chapter 3
Chapter 4 -Chapter 5 - Chapter 6
Chapter 7A - Chapter 7B- Chapter 8
Takes place after episode 21 through the end
of the series. What goes on inside Mugen's head?
(adult content)

The Hanged Man

by 3Jane
(fan fiction, still in progress)
A different path is chosen, and the story unfolds
all over again, spreading in new directions.
What if control of the Mujuu dojo - and of Jin -
had successfully passed to Kariya?

by Agent Orange
(fan fiction)
An epic tale of the bond between man and beetle.
Funny as hell; characterization is spot-on.

by 3Jane
(fan fiction)
The trio reunites under strange circumstances.
There's a dash of romance and a new bit of intrigue,
but the character voices and interaction are
what make this one shine.
(Spoilers for the end of the series.)

by Mariphasa Hecatene
(fan fiction)
The age of the samurai is drawing to a close, and the Mujuushin school's numbers are dwindling. Enshirou Mariya is forced to choose between the integrity of the Mujuushin and the survival of his dojo.
Which path will he choose, and what will become
of the young prodigy named Jin?

A Glimpse Into The World of Anime:
Director Shinichiro Watanabe Speaks

Wortham Centre, Houston, TX 02/12/06
(event report with essay)

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